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Patio, Terrace & Windows Awnings

Folding AwningSometimes windows can let in just a little too much sunlight, so we started offering a range of awnings to provide shade and that grew into a range of awning and canopies that help you enjoy the outside more often.

Awnings are a surprisingly quick solution to blocking out unwanted sunshine; whether you want to prevent your soft furnishings from bleaching or just cut down on the glare and temperature without permanently covering the window up, an awning gets the job done superbly. Many of our awnings can extend to cover entire patios or terraces and when combined with automated features, lights and heating can make for a lot of extra time spent enjoying your garden!

Fold arm awnings

The fold arm is ideal for patios and areas where shade is required whilst people moving around are using the area underneath. Free from any obstructions such as supporting arms it can extend out as far as 4 metres.

Drop arm awning

More suitable for windows and doors where a limited amount of projection is required; the drop arm can be lowered beyond the right angle to combat the rising or setting sun glare.

Dutch Canopy

Similar to the drop arm awning the Dutch canopy is ideal for windows with very limited projection space.

Terrace frame awnings

Ideal in commercial applications to create a smoking shelter, these large awnings offer a lot of adaptability thanks to their strong framework and canvas construction. With optional wall panels and a front section that can be lowered, an awning can quickly turn into a complete tent or marquee.

Commercial umbrellas and parasols

We have a large range of commercial parasols for pubs, hotels and restaurants; maximise outdoor space with these large span systems available in square, rectangular and circular shapes and made from no maintenance powder coated aluminium or wood effect.

Added extras!

Get the most out of your new awning and the garden with a range of add-ons. Make life easy with an automated awning operator that can even be set to go off automatically when it is sunny or very windy, and why not consider some garden lighting with automated low light sensors or some Eco-Heat exterior heating so you can even enjoy the outdoors as the nights get colder.

Get the sun under control and enjoy the outside of your home more often with our range of awnings and canopies; we can even provide the complete installation service! Call into the Salisbury shop anytime to learn more about the range of canopies available and take a look at a few of the models on display.

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